Facnor FX+ Gennaker Code Zero and Staysail Furler

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The all new FX+ Furling system from Facnor provides the benefits of an 'Ocean Tested' system, high quality manufacture, light weight, and now with its 'first of class' ratchet mechanism, you have even more control of your flying sails.

The FX+ range of furlers are suitable for Gennakers / Code Zeros, Staysails, and with a top down furler addition - Asymmetric Spinnakers.  The low profile, large diameter drum gives more furling power and is half the weight of a standard Gennaker furler and comprise one swivel and one flat continous line drum (maximum luff and ensuring that there is no overlapping round the drum).

Facnor furlers are equipped with snap shackles for faster hook-ups for setting and thanks to a clever innovation, the continuous furling line can be quickly removed without any complication. This special feature offers the advantage that the furling line can remain on the deck for further use. There is no need to remove the stanchion blocks. Just remove the furler and the furled sail - making it much simpler to set and change flying sails.

Key FX+  features

  • Easy connection and furlining line removal for rapid sail set and change
  • Unique ratchet mechanism that aids in furling and unfurling control
  • Light-weight incorporating a carbon housing
  • Easy  to  fit  and  to  adjust
  • May be extended for use with an asymmetric spinnaker

Staysails:  A staysail can also be fitted using a FX furler.   in this configuration, Facnor recommends use of a 2-to-1 block to allow the halyard to be tightened sufficiently.

Sizing Guide

Select the right Facnor FX+ Furler with reference to the guide below ... note that the primary selection criteria should be the sail area (rather than boat size). 

Working Load 
Boat SizeMax Gennaker / Code Zero AreaMax Staysail
FX 900  900 kg 6 - 10.5 m 30 m2  
FX 1500  1500 kg 10 - 12 m 55 m2 20 m2
FX 2500  2500 kg 12 - 14 m 90 m2 30 m2
FX 4500  4500 kg 13 - 16 m 140 m2 50 m2
FX 7000  7000 kg 16 - 20 m 250 m2 70 m2
FX 12000  12000 kg +20 m 350 m2 Structural Furler
FX 20000  20000 kg +25 m +500 m2 Structural Furler


Take a look at the complete Facnot FX+ selection, installation, and operation guide here.

Note: FX 900, FX 12000 and FX 20000 pricing available upon request

If you need further information regarding supply of furler accessories (torque rope, thimbles, top-down furler additions etc) or any other assistance selecting the appropriate Facnor furlers for your boat please contact us at sales@adventuresafety.com.au - we are ready to help.

About Facnor

Facnor is a member of the Wichard Group of companies and is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing furling systems. The company supplies many shipyards as well as ocean sailors who participate in well known races like the Vendée Globe, The Race and the Volvo Race, all sailing genuine "Formule 1" boats.

Distribution wise, Facnor has developed a global network of dealers covering 35 countries - with 80% of French yacht builders selecting FACNOR furlers for their new boats.  

To learn more about Facnor and the Wichard Group take a look at these presentations (Facnor / Wichard)