The Outdoor Gourmet Company Wild Mushrooms & Lamb Risotto Meal Pack

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An authentic Italian style risotto with lamb, mushroom, onion and red pepper baked in a mushroom sauce. Add a sprinkle of parmesan cheese to taste.

Add variety to your outdoor meals with the brand-new range from The Outdoor Gourmet Company. Teaming with Australian Chefs, the Outdoor Gourmet Company has to design a collection of delicious gourmet meals like Coq au Vin, Mediterranean lamb & Black Olives and Beef Bourguignon to name a few.

Apart from being light, tasty and super fast to prepare, the meals are made from the best ingredients without artificial flavours and preservatives.

There is no need to compromise your dining experience! Enjoy the benefits of hearty & nutritional ingredients that give you the quality flavours of a home cooked meal.


Outdoor Gourmet Company meals are easy to make:

Tear open the pouch, add boiling water and stir.

Close the ziplock to seal in the heat.

Wait for 10 minutes before you enjoy your outdoor gourmet meal.


Longer Lasting: 
The Outdoor Gourmet Company gives a 3 year best before on all items but is safe to eat beyond that, provided it’s stored appropriately and the packaging remains sealed. Other types of dry food only last a year or less.

Handles Higher Storage Temperatures: 
Because of their exceptionally low moisture content Outdoor Gourmet Company products handle higher storage temperatures better than wet-pack meals & higher moisture content dehydrated product.

Less cleaning-up:
The Outdoor Gourmet Company freeze-dried food can be prepared and eaten in the pouch so you may only need to clean your spoon.
The zip seal pouch makes rubbish disposal a breeze; you just toss in any other rubbish, roll it up, zip it closed and pop it in your pack.

Serving Sizes:
The Outdoor Gourmet Company entree pack is an ideal appetiser for two or a tasty light meal for one.  The double serve pack is an ideal main course for two to share after enjoying an entree or great for a solo adventurer with a big appetite.


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