Back Country Cuisine Emergency Preparedness Food Bucket

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Back Country Cuisine uses nitrogen-flushing heavy duty foil laminate pouches to keep the food safe and flavour-some without the need for preservatives. The safekeeping of your food is taken a step further by adding another layer of security placing these single serving pouches into compact, 18L sealed buckets. The buckets keep out dust, moisture, rodents, insects, light and preventing damage to pouches thus assuring your food supply is not compromised during storage. Back Country Cuisine provides a 3 year best before on all pouches, please refer to individual packets. Recent testing has shown that the meals are safe to eat well beyond 6 years given they are kept cool and dry. The square buckets are very easy to stack and store. If you are placed in an emergency situation these buckets can also serve several other purposes, such as water collection, digging, carrying tools and more. 


  • 6 x Breakfast
  • 6 x Single serve meals (hot lunch)
  • 6 x Single serve meals (hot dinner)


  • Breakfast (Single Serves):
    • 2 X Cooked Breakfast
    • 2 X Yoghurt & Muesli
    • 2 X Porridge Supreme
  • Lunch (Single Serves):
    • 1 X Beef & Pasta Hotpot
    • 1 X Classic Beef Curry
    • 1 X Cottage Pie
    • 1 X Lamb Fettucine
    • 1 X Roast Lamb & Veges
    • 1 X Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Dinner (Single Serves):
    • 1 X Honey Soy Chicken
    • 1 X Vegetarian Stirfry
    • 1 X Creamy Carbonara
    • 1 X Roast Chicken
    • 1 X Sweet & Sour Lamb
    • 1 X Spaghetti Bolognaise

BACK COUNTRY CUISINE offers a range of fast, nourishing food for adventurers. During the freeze drying process, crystals of frozen ice in the food are sublimed (evaporated) to water vapour in a vacuum chamber resulting in a completely dry product that does not shrink during the drying process. When prepared for eating, the water is quickly absorbed by the pores left by the ice crystals to give a juicy, tender food product. After packing, the food is heat-sealed in foil pouches from which all the air has been removed and replaced with nitrogen gas, keeping the food safe and flavoursome for at least three years. Back Country Cuisine meals are formulated to meet the high energy needs of outdoor activity and our products have a careful mix of the essential components needed for a healthy diet. This includes balanced carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy, protein to replenish exhausted muscles and oils and fats to keep you feeling full.

  • LESS WEIGHT: Freeze drying removes the moisture from food making it much lighter and easier to carry.
  • QUICK TO HYDRATE: Delicious meals that can be prepared in 10 minutes.
  • LONG LASTING: Packed in nitrogen flushed heavy duty foil pouches, keeps the food safe for at least three years without the need for preservatives.
  • HIGH ENERGY: There is a careful balance of carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy and protein to replenish exhausted muscles.
  • NATURAL VITAMINS: Freeze drying retains the natural vitamins in the food because of the low temperatures used in processing.