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Whole baby squid. Can be used for most fishing adventures. This bait will cover most of the popular species we chase every day along the Australian coastline.

Target species include: School/Yellowfin and King George Whiting, Tarwhine, Pink Snapper, Flathead, North West Snapper, Skippy, WA Dhufish.

The Freeze Dried Bait Company uses the finest fresh bait, sourced from premium sustainability focused suppliers. Using state of the art commercial freeze driers, 98% of moisture is removed while all natural oils and solids remain virtually intact. Packed in heavy duty UV proof bags with nitrogen flushing enables the bait to remain preserved for over 3 years.


Fishing - When it’s time to wet a line the bait is simply rehydrated in fresh or salt water. Rehydration occurs in around 6 minutes (or as long as it takes to rig a rod) and the result is a slightly rubbery texture. The firmness of rehydrated bait ensures it grips the hook better than most fresh alternatives resulting in more casts from a single bait.

The Benefits - There are many benefits to freeze dried bait;

  1. No need to keep bait refrigerated or frozen, eskies and freezers are free for essentials
  2. Lasts infinitely longer than fresh bait, 3+ years!
  3. Store anywhere, throw a bag in the glovebox, briefcase or back pack
  4. Light weight, approximately 70% lighter than fresh bait let alone a frozen block
  5. Cleaner alternative, reduced mess and smell

We love to fish and actively promote sustainable fishing – take only what you need!


Click on the videos below for facts and tips or see The Freeze Dried Bait Company guys in action!


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