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The Starpak 1410 is the smallest, most compact and ultra protected docking station for the Qualcomm GSP1600 handset1. Weighing only 4.4kgs (with Qualcomm GSP1600 phone) the Starpak is conveniently lightweight, providing safe and easy portability. It is ideal for use as a portable car-kit in trades or emergency service vehicles where environmental protection and robustness is vital. The kit utilises the world renowned Pelican 1400 series Ultra High Impact water and shock resistant case. This ensures that the GSP1600 satellite phone and docking station is always protected from the rigors of everyday use and the harshness of extreme, rugged working conditions. With the Starpak 1410, the GSP1600 handset maintains it dual mode2 capability, and can also be removed to operate in hand held mode if required. 

All handsets are supplied complete - as provided by the manufacturer - including all standard accessories.

Globalstar GSP1600 Starpak Features

  •   Vehicle to Vehicle transfer is fast, easy and unobtrusive for both operator and passengers.
  •   User friendly configurations together with raised handset viewing, make for safe convenient operation during the most demanding of manoeuvres.
  •   High performance in rugged and extreme outback conditions.
  •   Water resistant when closed. An inbuilt rechargeable Silica Gel Hydrosorbent Unit provides added protection in high humidity environments.



  •   Size: H = 15.2cm, D = 34cm, W = 29.5cm
  •   Weight: 4.4kg (with GSP1600)


What's in the box?

  •   Personal Privacy Handset
  •   Globalstar magnetic mounted active satellite antenna
  •   12 volt DC standard lighter charger
  •   Safety "unit on" status LED
  •   Built in moisture protection unit
  •   Impact lined / High density foam
  •   Data ready active RS232 cable
  •   CDMA antenna
  •   Handsfree microphone and speaker
  •   Globalstar electronic module
  •   Cradle for the GSP1600 handheld phone


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