Globalstar GMK1410 Vessel Kit for GSP1600 (includes Marinised Antenna)

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Providing voice and data coverage around Australia and its surrounding waters, out to New Zealand, New Caledonia, and up to 500 nautical miles into the Southern & Indian Oceans1, the Globalstar GMK1410 hands free car kit with marinised antenna enables hands free communications while you are inside a vessel at sea. The GMK1410 comes with an externally mounted antenna enclosure an internally mounted electronics hands free cradle and privacy handset. 

The hands free cradle holds the GSP1600 handheld portable mobile phone2 by simply detaching the GSP1600 from its cradle you can enjoy the convenience of full mobility away from the vessel. 

All handsets are supplied complete - as provided by the manufacturer - including all standard accessories. 

Globalstar GSP1600 Vessel Kit Features

  •   Access to the Satellite and CDMA networks
  •   Full hands free communication
  •   Privacy handset allows private conversation without removing the handset from the cradle
  •   Portability as you can remove the GSP16002 from the cradle and use it as a stand alone unit
  •   Low cost solution to access voice and data within Globalstar coverage
  •   Data speeds up to 9.6 kbps (uncompressed), or up to an effective 38.4kbps4 with our accelerator service



  •   Power Input: DC12V
  •   Cradle Dimensions: 170mm x 95mm x 60mm
  •   Cable Length: 5m
  •   Charging Time: up to 90% charge level 2.5 hrs
  •   Operating temps: -30 to +50'C


Please note:

While the marine antenna enclosure has been specifically designed for marine environments, the GMK1410 handset cradle and Globalstar Electronics Module (GEM) are not. For this reason the unit (cradle, GEM, speaker, microphone and power connectors) should be installed 'below deck' in a watertight enclosure.Important: damage due to corrosion from excessive amounts of moisture is NOT covered under warranty.

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