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Deck Hardware

  • Burke Wind Scoop Cabin Cooler (WIN100W) Burke Wind Scoop Cabin Cooler (WIN100W)

    Burke Wind Scoop Cabin Cooler

    The windscoop is an aerodynamically designed sail that directs fresh air into stuffy cabins. It fits any hatch and comes complete with supporting battens and tubes.  Fabric: Nylon sailcloth Features Can be flown from a halyard or roller...

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  • Part Number 062

    Harken Flush Mounted White Hand Hold

    Harken accessories are designed to make standard blocks more versatile or fill a special need. Handhold, The 062 Harken handhold is popular on boats like Solings and scows to help hiking crew re-enter the boat. It can also be used as a handle for things...

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  • Ronstan Screw-On Handle (PNP207) Ronstan Screw-On Handle (PNP207)

    Ronstan Nylon Handles

    Material: Impact resistant, U.V. stablised Nylon Part Number Description Weight g PNP206 Transom Step/Handle; 165mm (6 1/2") Wide Tread, Black 140 PNP207 Handle, 150mm(6") Wide, Screw-On, Black 50

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  • RWB 12-Way Locking EDC Seat Swivel (RWB3787)

    RWB 12-Way Locking EDC Seat Swivel

    Black EDC coated steel 360 degree seat swivel with 12 way locking mechanism. Nylon ring bearing for smooth and silent operation. 175mm (7") diameter with large universal slotted holes to suit most brands of seats. Locks in 12 different positions -...

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  • RWB Trailer LED Lights - Pair (RWB6538)

    RWB Axis Trailer LED Lights - Pair

    Trailer Board LED - 7 Pin Flat Plug LED trailer light board. 2 x LED trailer lights mounted on 1.5m board length complete with 8 metre cable and choice of 7 pin flat, 7 pin round or 7 pin large round plug. Part no. RWB6538

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  • RWB Beckson Fixed Portlights (RWB2768-RWB2770)

    RWB Beckson Fixed Portlights

    Beckson fixed ports are designed for boats where bulkheads, shelves or other restrictions prevent mounting an opening window, or when just a light source is required. These are standard style ports - not self draining style. Supplied with a smoked...

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  • RWB Beckson Opening Ports (RWB2760-67) RWB Beckson Opening Ports (RWB2760-67)

    RWB Beckson Opening Ports

    Beckson "rain drain" opening ports are made in the U.S.A. from the finest marine grade plastics available today.  All metal parts are stainless steel. The lens is made from tough Lexan material. Features Self draining style - with moulded drain...

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