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  • Comet Day & Night Combo Signal

    Comet Day & Night Combo Signal

    Compact, handheld distress signal consisting of a red flare at one end and an orange smoke in the other. Housed in a rugged, corrosion-resistant case. Compact, double ended signal, ideal for personal...

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  • Comet Line Thrower 250 - Single Shot

    Comet Line Thrower 250 - Single Shot

    Single shot, self-contained linethrower with integral striker mechanism. Rocket propels line 250m in calm conditions. SOLAS typically requires 4 units to be carried on board. Stowed in lockers on...

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  • Comet Line Thrower Rocket

    Comet Line Thrower Rocket

    SOLAS typically requires that 4 Linethrowing appliances are carried by ships. Length 125 mm (4.9 inches) Diameter 42 mm (1.7 inches) Weight 467 g (16.5 oz) Net Explosive Content 113...

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  • Comet MOB Light Smoke Signal

    Comet MOB Light Smoke Signal

    15 minute orange smoke Man Overboard day time lifebuoy marker. Identical to Light Smoke Signal - but without the lighting system. This version is required for USA and Japanese flag vessels who...

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  • Comet Orange Handsmoke

    Comet Orange Handsmoke

    Particularly suitable for yachts, dinghies and sailboards, this water resistant, hand- held signal produces a dense orange smoke for daylight distress signalling and wind direction indication...

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  • Comet Red Hand Flare

    Comet Red Hand Flare

    Unique, compact, telescopic handle allows easy extension for safe operation and saves space when stowed in liferafts.   Features Designed for use in short range signalling...

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  • Comet Smoke Signal Orange 3min

    Comet Smoke Signal Orange 3min

    The Comet Orange Smoke Signal is a compact, flat top, day time distress signal designed to be easy and safe to handle. It provides effective position marking during rescue operations and can be used...

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  • Comet White Hand Flare

    Comet White Hand Flare

    Designed for use as a collision warning signal or for illuminating small areas where an intense white light is required. Compact flare featuring a unique telescopic handle saving space for stowage...

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