Adlard Coles Maintenance Logbook For Sail and Power

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An invaluable working reference for boatowners, enabling them to organise their boat information in one place in order to manage the servicing and maintenance of their vessel more efficiently. Boats need regular upkeep, but keeping track of everything related to boat maintenance can be a time-consuming hassle. This logbook will prove a real boon to all boatowners who want to keep a record of the myriad elements relating to their boat in one convenient place for easy reference.

The days of hunting down scraps of paper, receipts or certificates are gone: with the Adlard Coles Maintenance Logbook, boatowners will have everything they need in an ordered fashion. With colour-coded sections for quick and easy reference, the book includes pages for recording: part numbers of equipment, navigation light bulb sizes and strengths, engine part numbers, rigging screw sizes, etc replacement dates for lifejacket cylinders, flares, gas plumbing pipes, water filters, etc the next service date for liferaft, engine, water filters, seacocks navigation software pin numbers and passwords gauges, strengths, thicknesses and lengths of halyards, rigging wire, pipes, etc.

The author ran a chandlery for over 20 years, and this is the organiser his customers always needed but could never buy until now. This book will solve all their boat maintenance record-keeping problems. A great book for your boat crew.

Author: DEARN


PB 96 pages