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"Around the Top".a passage around the north of Australia a good personal account of what the authors found, including detailed anchorage notes of over 80 anchorages and detailed mud maps. From a trip from Brisbane all the way to the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The book is not exactly a cruising guide, or pilot book, but it’s not just a cruising story either. It is packed full of interesting anchorages, fishing information and has a great narrative to ‘glue’ it all together. The story takes us on a trip from Brisbane, up to Cape York Peninsula and across to Darwin, then down to the Kimberley and finally back to Cairns.

Del describes anchorages in some detail but only gives one set of GPS coordinates in the book because, as she says, “we think an anchorage is an individual thing to be undertaken with care”. Fair enough – good advice. Nevertheless, the detailed anchorage descriptions and mud maps will be of great interest to anyone contemplating doing this trip and the book is worth buying just for the detailed information on fishing. We were very amateurish with our fishing but Del and Garry became quite expert and are happy to share their secrets. The cruising narrative is handled well and never becomes boring as humour creeps into the stories regularly! Del’s observations on Aboriginal art and communities are interesting as are her historical digressions. Areas covered in this book are ranging from where to go, weather, how to be self sufficient on board, provedore along the way. Your literary boat crew gear.

"This book became our bible for a while as we travelled around the top We were much more adventurous in what we attempted to do and appreciated every word.

A good read too!" Deb and Justin, SV Liberty

PB 143 pages