Flaresafe Personal Safety Device

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FlareSafe Personal Safety Device

FlareSafe is an essential piece of kit for today's global traveller, keeping you protected and prepared wherever you find yourself in the world.

Lightweight, water-resistant and shockproof military-grade plastics have been combined with the latest LED technology to ensure you are carrying the most reliable personal safety device around.

Optical Smoke Detector

Ideal for hostels, hotels, tents, and boats, FlareSafe is armed with a revolutionary detector giving a lif-saving early warning of smoke and fire.

110dB SOS Alarm

Attracting attention is the first move in combating an assailant or signalling for help.   FlareSAfe has a piercing 110db siren which can be heard up to 300m awate for up to 60 hours.

4 x Brilliant LEDs

Powered by 4 x LEDs, FlareSafe's flashlight boasts a focused 20m beam.   Rescue visibility is up to km, and the SOS strobing function lasts for up to100 hours


* FlareSafe meets the fireperformance requirements of BS 5446-1:2000