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Bait Stations & Other Fishing Accessories

  • Harken 7mm LOUP

    Harken 7mm LOUP

    Harken LOUPS™ are ready-made soft attachments that replace heavy stainless steel shackles on racing and cruising boats. Weight savings on large offshore boats can be as much as 200 lb (91 kg). Strong and lightweight, LOUPS™ are...

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  • RWB Deluxe Tackle Box & Hatch Deluxe Tackle Box & Hatch (RWB2335)

    RWB Deluxe Tackle Box & Hatch

    These deluxe tackle box & hatch from Nuova Rade of Italy is made from UV inhibited ASA plastic material featuring reinforced construction. A 180 degree door opening lid for full access to your tackle trays. The low profile reinforced lid completely...

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